“Book of Life”

Your touch shockwaves my world, shaking and quivering, begging for water.

Not enough warmth to keep this body whole. Decaying in mind has already proceeded.

Cannot remember the joy of you, for now memories are black and blue.

Life taught me lessons in a book, full of trauma and full of hope.

This chapter, made me lucky, that I found you and I’m not that junkie.

“Mending This Heart”

Alone in the dark, where are you?

At first I blamed you, But now I need you.

To mend the torn rope, bring me back to life.

Too dark in here, dropping to my knees I break.

I love you, heard from the heart. I’m tired of being apart.

Complete me again. Looking outside in is Hell to me.

Let me in your warmth, so I may rest my vocals and sleep.


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