Going Back To School (Majoring in Psychology)

Well this one is going to be random, but only cause I am pretty excited! I got an email today about everything being set and ready to go for me to school. I will be majoring in Psychology. Everyone has mostly told me not to do it because you can’t get a career out of it. Well, for those of you who don’t know I know a lot about it already.

I have my own diagnosis of quite a few things. One of them happens to be Borderline Personality Disorder. (No, i’m not going to cut you in your sleep or turn into Norman Bates) Because I am sure most of you know that is how Hollywood glamorizes mental illness. Just so you guys know mental illness can be disabling in your life. And I have been to the psychiatric hospital probably 25 times. No, it is not fun to be separated and locked up. But it did help me notice something, I want to be that person to help others who are struggling. Sadly, these people don’t have a lot of kind hearted help around there. I will make a post about a few of my good and bad experiences in the psychiatric hospital.

But I am so excited to finally be doing something with my life! I am off drugs, I have my little family, and I’m in recovery with my mental illness as well.

I have been spending weeks getting everything organized and ready to go back to school. It has been since 2013 since I have been at school. There may be a mild learning disability going on with me, so some of the classes I am taking are meant to help people with my issues learn.

I have so many cute little binders set up with everything that’s important and still currently working on my planner. I am usually unorganized in my head, but I can get organized if I want to be.

Well anyways guys, I am super stoked about going back to school! Majoring in Psychology I think will be a lot of fun for me. It is something I have a passion for, to help those who are suffering. I have been spending most of my days getting ready, making phone calls, and checking emails. So my brain is a little scattered right now and i’m sorry if my blogs do not make much sense.

   What do you guys think about majoring in Psychology? And what are some ways you have found studying to be easier for you? I have been doing a lot of research, but I would love to hear from you guys as well! 

Somebody try to ease my mind. I am nervous because I have never made it anywhere in life. And I’m scared of the stress of going to school, helping my six year old with Kindergarten, and having another little baby, and looking for a job, and being in recovery. I don’t want to quit or relapse, so I am just really nervous. So I would really love to hear from you all. I take my classes 3 days out of the week so i’m hoping I won’t stress myself too much. Love you guys!


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