Just An Update On Me…

Hey guys I know I haven’t been posting lately well let me tell you what’s going on now..

Well I am about to start college I am majoring in Psychology, so I plan on doing some posts about organizing for school and a few do it yourself videos.

I left the homeless shelter finally. I moved back in temporarily with some family. It may not be the best thing, but a lot of my Sephora makeup and other things were stolen. That my friends really ticked me off. But the good thing is now I get to spend more time on my blog (including the fact I got a new laptop) and my babies including my fiance.

I am so stoked about this upcoming year along with the new beginning i’m also trying to accomplish. I will be taking this new blog in a new direction then recently intended. I will be making a new YouTube channel also full of DIYs, Hacks, Advice, and of course crafts. I am also in the process of writing my poetry book. (I will be posting a sneak peak of that soon so keep a look out) I am also thinking of doing a newsletter and selling some products that I make. Because of course I am all about the herbal and art life. So guys, if you haven’t followed me on my blog or twitter please do so. Because I think we can make this amazing. And plus I am always wanting some feedback from you guys.

But I promise since I am back home and have access to the things I need so posts are going to be popping up all the time.

I hope you guys are ready for some fun. Let’s get this started!


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