A-Z Things To When Bored. 

Thought I would give you a random list.  Trust me some of these letter were hard, so you might see some weird ones. Overall I hope it gives you an idea for when you just need something to do.  

A- Create a piece of Art.

B- Create a Blog. 

C- Work on a Craft. 

D- Do a DIY

E- Exercise

F- Spend time with a Friend

G- Play a board Game with friends. 

H- Take a Hot bath 

I- Play an Instrument 

J- Write in a Journal

K- Look back at an old Keepsake

L-  Go out for Lunch

M- Go to the Movies

N- Binge watch Netflix. 

O- Relax Outside

P- Pamper yourself.  

Q- Learn how to make a Quilt

R- Read a book

S- Go Shopping

T- Talk to a friend

U- Explore something Unknown to you. 

V- Play Videogames

W- Go for a walk 

X- Play an Xylophone 

Y- Do Yoga

Z- Visit the Zoo

I would like to hear back about other ideas you have for when you get bored.  

And by the way these are all great coping skills. 

Thanks guys I hope you enjoyed!  


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