Some of these are still being worked on. Especially the post it note box, I just got done with that. I also have paintings and a little bit of everything else. All of these things can be custom made. Tell me what you need and I can send it to you. If you do happen... Continue Reading →

Check Out My Poetry Page

Support you local artist. The book is still in work. I would love some feedback, please let me know what you think. Thanks, Allie Mullins Find me on Twitter: @deadtreegirl. I appreciate all of the support!

Eyes Run Tears

I like to see you smile,and the way you walk through the fire.The breath is stolen out of me, when you enter through my bloodstream.I hate it when you hurt me, but still the eyes of caring upon me.Your lies, your deciet, In time will make you vanish and die. You called upon my name,... Continue Reading →

Just An Update On Me…

Hey guys I know I haven't been posting lately well let me tell you what's going on now.. Well I am about to start college I am majoring in Psychology, so I plan on doing some posts about organizing for school and a few do it yourself videos. I left the homeless shelter finally. I... Continue Reading →

Publish Poetry

I need help with someone being able to publish my book and help me create an Ebook, Please if you know anyone or any websites, please let me know. I have five books of written poetry that I think could inspire others in dark time. I would appreciate anyone's help!!   Love You Guys, Allie... Continue Reading →

Don’t Judge Me..

Hey guys I know I haven't posted in awhile. I will tell you one thing I am done with people judging me by my past. I AM NOT MY PAST. I am a strong and independent woman. I can't stand when people judge me or others and especially children. I have seen things, yes. And I  have also done... Continue Reading →

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