Spilling My Guts.. Yes. Depression and Anxiety.

A talk about depression and anxiety. And how to start recovering and better yourself.

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How To: Good Vibes In College

Okay guys we all know that college is stressful and the further you get into it the worse it is. With all the home work, studying, new friendships, student debt, exams, and so much more that is already stressful enough. Not to mention if you have children, a marriage, or any hardship before attending college.... Continue Reading →

Please Forgive Me..

HI everyone! I have not been blogging in weeks and it makes me sad. For those of you who know I have officially started college. My days are full of school, homework, and taking care of my babies. I miss blogging so much.  But I have made a promise to myself. To not forget about... Continue Reading →

Some of these are still being worked on. Especially the post it note box, I just got done with that. I also have paintings and a little bit of everything else. All of these things can be custom made. Tell me what you need and I can send it to you. If you do happen... Continue Reading →

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